Spring Special: NEW  2019 Volvo 860 fully “loaded” – average price $139,900. Ready for a bed, hitch and titling as a Motorhome.

Note: the above special is not a stripped down truck. It is heavily optioned and specifically configured to be a recreational hauler. It is the truck that we order for ourselves. 

RVH Lifestyles specializes in Heavy Duty Trucks converted to tow fifth wheel RV’s, horse trailers, race trailers, and boats. We sell new and used Volvo trucks converted to motorhomes.  We pair these trucks with high-quality heavy-duty hauler bodies, provide mechanical/conversion services, accessorization, and educational/training materials for the recreational heavy duty towing market. We can work with your truck or a truck we provide.

Unique smart car hauler bodies

We are a licensed new/used vehicle dealer and a licensed vehicle converter. 

While we focus on the recreational heavy towing market, we also build specialty commercial bodies.

Two hitches; commercial and RV. Also carries a smart car.

If you need to pull it with style, we can help you.

  • New trucks – We can order a new Volvo to your specifications. Our experience will help you get your order right, and our fleet pricing reflects our relationship with Volvo. We have a pre-configured and pre-approved truck specification that is oriented towards recreational hauling. We believe we can beat any price an individual can get.
  • Used trucks – We can advise you on finding your own truck and we often have inventory trucks. All of our trucks have at least a two-year warranty. We focus on low mileage “creme-puff” trucks – our used trucks typically have under 250K miles.
  • Truck bodies – From a simple flatbed to the most complex automated loading systems. Smart car bodies. Custom drom boxes. Custom flatbed decks. Integration of motorcycle loaders. We pretty much do it all. All of our bodies are produced with computer aided design (CAD) for quality and reliability.
  • Conversions – We can perform all or part of any conversion process; singling, hitch installation, interior upfit, exterior enhancements, etc. If it can be done to a truck we can probably do it. We specialize in accessorization of trucks.
  • Maintenance – Our full-service shop can perform any maintenance or mechanical function on medium and heavy trucks.  Everything from engine rebuilds, to a simple oil change. We offer competitive pricing for your service needs and work on all brands.
  • Environmental systems – We are Idle Free (APU) distributors and installers, and we can install most of the idle-reduction heating and cooling units for your truck.
  • Engineering services – Doing it yourself and have a project that would benefit from CAD services? Our staff engineer is available to help you with your custom hauler project. You don’t have to build with us to utilize our engineering services.
  • Housing – We are unique in that we provide a private  Campground for use by our customers, as well as a house for rent. If you are working on a project with us, you have a place to stay.
  • DIY – We cater to those who want to do part of a project themselves. Bring us the work that you don’t have the facilities or skills to accomplish efficiently. Need pre-manufactured parts? We do that, too.
  • RV’s – We buy/sell selected quality 5th wheel trailers. Have a trade-in? We are ready to talk.

New or used – we can build you the hauler you need.  From a larger vehicle and body that can carry a smart car, to a much smaller vehicle about the size of a dually pickup  that is the perfect “daily driver”.

What makes RVH Lifestyles unique? We live the RVing lifestyle – both of the company owners are full-time RVers. Collectively we have over sixty years of RV experience, with over twenty years of full-time RV living. We also have decades of experience pulling large fifth wheel trailers with HDTs (Heavy Duty Trucks).

RVH Lifestyles was formed because of the lack of centralized services for all things related to the HDT lifestyle. RVH Lifestyles provides a central location where you can address your needs of living with a heavy hauler as a tow vehicle. From all aspects of purchase and development to maintenance, we offer a complete set of services to assist you in your lifestyle – we even have a campground and house to stay in during your visit.

Our facilities are located in the “Heartland of America” – southeast Kansas. 

Learn more about our offerings by exploring our Products and Services.

Our years of experience can help prevent expensive mistakes as you purchase and develop your hauler project. Our products and services are competitively priced. We can build a new or used “turnkey” truck to your specifications, or we can assist you in the portions of your “DIY” project that you need help with.

The Blog portion of this site has articles and information in the areas of heavy truck selection, bed design, and general lifestyle information. If we think it may interest the community, we will publish articles there.

Our YouTube Channel has a very large number of informative videos related to the use of heavy trucks for recreational purposes, and other lifestyle information.

Have questions? We are happy to answer them! Contact Us.

Have a smart car you would like to sell? We would love to talk to you….

Have a tradein or just want to sell your truck? We buy and sell all types of haulers – pickups, MDTs or HDTs. If it hauls, we are interested.