2010 Volvo 730 with I Shift


This truck is just in – we have not completed RVH certification and upgrades yet – those are in process.

  • 2010 Volvo 730, D13, 435hp 3.21 ratio rear, I Shift transmission with OD
  • No apparent engine leaks. Engine is very clean.
  • Singled long. 252″ wb (approximately)
  • Typical Volvo multi-stage engine brake
  • OEM LED lights – a pricey add-on
  • 650,000 miles
  • Probably 1650 torque, but we have not verified that. I doubt it is higher though, based on the spec hp.
  • No active codes.
  • Workstation with upper bunk that folds. Workstation turns into another bed.
  • AC works well.
  • Mountain Master body with a MM air ride hitch. The body does not go all the way to the rear of the cab (see album below). We could fill in that gap if desired, and also supply a drom box, if desired.
  • There is no provision to load a car or any other cargo on the deck.
  • Large storage boxes on each side accessible only from the top. The sides “could” be cut out and made into doors and the top either left alone or welded shut. The bed as it is is not useful for carrying much.
  • Interior is in above average shape except for the steering wheel which has a cover on it. It is typically worn. Otherwise, there are no real rips, tears or stains. Dash is good, although there is one place things were screwed into it.
  • Exceptionally good aftermarket stereo system with amp.
  • Aftermarket “dorm” type refrigerator
  • Shore power, but no inverter. We can easily add a quality inverter to it. Without the inverter, there is no way to run the fridge in motion.
  • Rear-facing camera with a monitor on the dash.
  • There is some peeling clear coat on the hood and on the overhead visor. Not major, but needs attention.
  • No other major body damage
  • No rust inside the doors that is apparent, which is unusual on a Volvo. There is some minor rust starting on the very edges of the storage doors that needs attention. This is minor and generally, most people would not know it was there.
  • DPF seems in good condition. No DEF. Truck regens normally after about 1500 miles or so. (as told by the owner)

Things we have done to it, or will do to it.

  • Change exhaust to weed burner.  DONE
  • Repair front bumper DONE; still have some cosmetic items to swap out.
  • Remove old broken APU.  DONE
  • Remove gladhands and other rear extraneous stuff. DONE
  • Replace some missing light covers on interior door lights.  PENDING
  • Replace some handles on removable fairings.  PENDING
  • Clean and detail interior.  PENDING
  • Replace fairing brackets at rear. PENDING
  • Replace Rear tires (4).  DONE
  • Polish all aluminum wheels. PENDING
  • Replace the vertical fairing support arms (the black ones). These tend to rust on these trucks.

We have all the parts listed above, and will complete this work shortly.

Things we could do, based on the new owner’s desires.

Provide a 36-month or 60-month warranty on the major systems on the truck. This is a nationwide third-party warranty. The truck would need fluid changes and inspection.

Install a proper inverter and proper Electrical Center for future expansion of capabilities. We typically would put in a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter with power pass-thru. This has a 55 amp 3-stage battery charger for the chassis bank, shore power hookup, interior outlets powered. This will easily power a microwave, and also a Keurig coffee maker.

We could build out the existing deck forward to the back-of-cab which would make it more useful. Frankly, it is kind of strange the way it is now…

Provide a 7′ tall x 6’wide x 16″ deep drom box.

Install a TV.

Remove the existing deck and put on one of our modular flatbed designs with hung boxes. Retain the current hitch, which is acceptable.

If interested in this truck, please contact us for further details, and pricing. This truck is an excellent candidate for a mid-tier recreational hauler. Fully built out with a new body designed to haul a smart car, and titled as a motorhome the price should be under $90K. It just depends on what you want to do with it. This truck drives really well and is “tight”.