Why RVH Lifestyles ?

Welcome to the website for the new company RVH, LLC.

This website will be filled in over time, but there is enough content and interest here now to get us going. We will add video for the various product offerings over time. In addition, there will still be the video library on the YouTube Gregg RVHaulers channel. We are not going to remove or modify that at this time. All our new videos will continue to appear there, and many may be directly embedded in this website, as well.

The Blog portion of the website will contain articles and publications of interest. We will post things as we develop them, or as we see a need for educational material.

RVH Lifestyles was formed to service the recreational hauler market in the US. It is an entirely new company based in Kansas. It’s heritage is Gregg Shield’s company RV Haulers, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but RVH is an entirely new and separate company.

The new company is taking on many more activities and products than the former company did. We are not focused on only “turnkey” trucks for RV use – we will perform any or all parts of a truck conversion. You do not have to buy a truck from us to use our services. In addition, we are expanding into manufacturing or supplying products that we feel enhance the RV Lifestyle. There are some exciting things in the works.