2020 Volvo 740, workstation, upper bunk, heavily optioned.

We just got a brand new 2020 Volvo 740 in. It is so new there is not even a decent picture of it yet. The 740 is the third generation replacement for the 730.

The color is silver with a brown tint to it.

  • D13 XE, 455hp, 1850 torque
  • I Shift with performance mode and Eco-Roll, in-dash shift console makes the seat easy to get in/out of and swivel.
  • 2.67 rear ratio
  • Single rear axle with wide-base tires (axle is convertible to duals if desired, at additional cost).
  • Globetrotter specifications (without the Globetrotter logo).
  • Two 100 gallon tanks
  • Luxury interior: leather seats, heated, cooled, back cycler, swivel
  • WORKSTATION – one of the first available in a 740

This truck is ready to add the bed of your dreams.

Contact us for availability and pricing.