Who We Are

RVH, LLC is based in Parsons, Kansas where we provide mechanical, fabrication and accessorizing services for Heavy Duty Trucks deployed in recreational service (“Haulers”). RV haulers, horse trailer haulers, race car haulers and specialized boat haulers are our typical projects.

Our retail showroom is hosted by Kansas RV Center in Chanute, KS. There you can view some of the HDT’s that we have converted to be the ultimate tow vehicle, and also see the largest indoor display of towable RV’s in the country.

RVH was formed to bring complete turnkey hauler capabilities to the United States. RVH is unique in the industry in that we provide all aspects of RV Hauler development and servicing. From concept, education, service, new/used truck upfitting, to hauler body and accessories – we provide a turnkey solution to your recreation hauling needs. No one else in the hauler business provides the breadth of services offered by RVH.

RVH business operations and products are totally based in the United States. The central location in southeast Kansas makes it convenient for customers.

In addition to our own in-house services, RVH uses a collection of Strategic Partners and Authorized Service Providers to provide elements of our product portfolio. We choose, vet and train these providers to our strict standards.

What are the benefits of the RVH Strategic Partner (SP) and RVH Authorized Service Provider (ASP) business model to customers?

  • RVH acts as a single source for 100% of the RV Hauler conversion and other work items.
  • RVH’s model provides similar benefits that a General Contractor provides to customers executing complex building projects.
  • RVH qualifies all Strategic Partners with our own builds prior to using them on customer projects.
  • All warranties are with RVH, not with a mix of vendors. We coordinate any warranty claims with component providers.
  • Project Budget and pricing is all inclusive – no surprises.
  • RVH provides engineering, proprietary work processes, and leverages our extensive experience to ensure product quality.
  • RVH will bring in-house any portion of a project that cannot be performed by a qualified Strategic Partner.
  • RVH ensures all quality standards are met.
  • Reduced trial and error by using RVH to execute your projects.
  • All design features are proprietary to RVH and can’t be used by any Strategic Partner or Authorized Service Provider without authorization.
  • RVH provides ongoing training and support to all Strategic Partners to ensure quality and standards are maintained and/or improved.
  • RVH ensures that all service providers meet RVH insurance and financial requirements so that customers are protected from liability or failed execution of a longer term project.
  • RVH has contingency and capacity flexibility better than a single-sourced shop. We have multiple partners in each topical area of the build.
  • RVH controls all workflow tasks to ensure on time project delivery.

RVH, LLC operates as a fully accredited Retailer, with licensing in Kansas.  We also accessorize vehicles and retail accessories of interest to the RV market.