Education is a big, big factor in becoming comfortable and proficient with all of your equipment. We stress safety and education in everything we do – it is a core value of how we operate. Our education offerings come from many sources.

Driver Orientation and Equipment Training

When we perform work on your truck we provide training in use of the equipment. Even if it is just how to safely operate the winch, use the ramp system, or hook up your trailer – be assured that you will be trained in the equipment.

Included with your purchase is access to our Training Video Library. This training library consists of over thirty (30) videos that cover aspects of the truck and associated systems – and we are constantly adding material. While some of this material may be offered to the public as a free service, most of it is restricted to the training library and is not public. This extensive library is a helpful reference that you can refer back to, as you have questions. If you are not yet a customer and want access to the training library, we offer a fee-based subscription to it at a very nominal charge. You may contact us for further details.


The blog associated with this website offers general material that is topical to the “Lifestyle”. In addition, there is other written material that customers have access to that supplements the in-person training and the video library.

Written Materials

We provide an array of materials oriented to the Hauler. This includes maintenance schedules, pdf files of truck systems, “cheat sheets” on ECM codes, etc. Most of this is on a USB memory stick. We want your ownership experience to be as smooth as possible – which is why we offer a two-year or four-year major-systems warranty for your Hauler. In addition to that, we also include suggestions for preemptive maintenance that you may wish to perform over time. Some of this may have been performed on your chosen hauler, but other things may have been deferred either because it was too early or at your request. Having a list of these common items helps you to plan your future service.


We conduct public seminars on trucks, and truck systems at a number of Rallies and events. We try to target safety and general truck education.