Instead of a full deck to haul your smart car, ATV or other items that have wheels, we have a minimalist track system available. This provides the ability to adapt an existing deck/body that is not wide enough or to lay directly across the frame rails of a truck. If you elevate it above the mounting point, you would have room to lay ramps under a smart car. This can be accommodated in the design of the track system.

These tracks can be built to any width, but we typically build them to accommodate both generations of smart cars. For smart car use, we integrate our chock and tiedown system. But we can provide other types of tie-downs to meet your specific needs, including integrated L-track for flexibility.

Note that these tracks are designed to lay on an existing structure (typically a bed). If you intend to place them directly on the rails we will have to use heavier stock to form the tracks. When placed on a bed, the channels are formed from 1/4″ plate. But if cantilevered off frame rails (no support under them) they will need to be heavier. They will also need some cross-structure to keep them “square”. When placed on the rails, they will also need to be elevated to clear any tires/wheels in the way (especially on a tandem truck).

When placed on the rails these become a custom design, since each truck will have slightly different requirements.

This system is shippable to your location, or we can install it in our shop. Installation takes a day (or part of a day, depending on your bed situation). We can pre-build this to your specifications, and have it ready to install.

Ramps bolt to track ends. These tracks are extending beyond the deck width.
Our standard chock system is utilized with the tracks.
On this installation, the bed was simply not designed for the width of a smart car.