The RVH Lifestyles modular bed system consists of individual components that can be assembled into a complete bed, capable of carrying a smart car, ATV, golf cart or another vehicle of similar size. You can start with as little as a “mini-deck” and add to that as funds, time or desire dictates or choose to purchase all modules at one time. This system can also be sized to accommodate a 2-door Jeep on deck, so you can haul your Jeep to a trail-head/event, and live in the truck.

The goals of the modular bed system are:

  • Offer a lower cost bed solution, that is still high quality and has the signature RVH “design elements” and attention to detail.
  • Allow for a phased project approach. You can start simple and add components as your needs change, or budget allows.
  • Provide a foundation for a DIY builder. You can start with any of our deck modules and add side boxes or other components.
  • Provide a shippable product. We can build any of these modules to your specifications/requirements and ship them to you. You do not have to come to Kansas – these are easily installed at your location if you have access to the appropriate equipment and resources.
Modular bed with stainless-door boxes.
Rear light module – can be oval or round lights.
Single or tandem – the modular body is available for any truck style, size or brand.

System Attributes

All metal parts are powder coated with a gloss black finish. The powder coating process starts with sandblasting and includes a “pickling” stage, where the metal is cleaned and prepared for the next process; it completes with baking in an oven. The powder coat process adds considerable protection to the finished product, provides a very durable and hard surface, and is something that most other manufacturers of hauler bodies do not do. It is far superior to wet paint or even bedliner.

The deck surface, in addition to the powder coat, has bedliner on it. The rear “utility” plate also has bedliner, if the rear tail option is chosen.

The bed module is based on a flatbed structure, either full length, or “mini”. The mini deck is a partial flatbed designed to accommodate deck cargo like a smart car, motorcycle loader (like a Rampage, or just chocks), ATV, golf carts, etc. The mini-deck is 101” wide by 110” long (custom lengths can be accommodated). Like the rest of the components, it is fully powder coated, and bed lined. The picture below shows the mini-bed with a smart car, ramps, and an ET hitch. This is the least you can do and have a functioning end product. It can be built up – over time – to the full bed with side boxes.

You can start with just a mini-deck module. Shown: Mini-deck, with drom box.
Walk-around video of a tandem modular bed.
Walkaround video of a single axle modular bed.
Tandem body; stacked ramps in storage under hitch; mini-skirts; light panel

You can find additional photos of the single axle modular system HERE (click).

Additional photos of the tandem axle modular system are HERE (click).

The full bed is built in one piece, or the mini-bed can have a rear tail section added on later if desired.

Underside, showing optional ramp storage between rear boxes.

Because the bed is designed to sit on the frame rails and span over the tires and any fenders that are present, you can drop this bed onto most trucks. Tandem, single, long wheelbase, or short wheelbase; and any brand – it does not have to be a Volvo. We only need to know the axle positions so that we can properly position the cross members and total frame length. If the truck frame needs an extension to accomplish your goals, we can do that work for you. We can also single the truck, or reposition the axles as needed.

The CAD for a tandem project. For those interested, you can see the dimensions and layout.

Below you see the mini-deck with an added on rear section that was done much later. The photo shows the lighting panel as well. The rear clip is in an unfinished state so you can identify it better. You can have oval lights or round lights if you choose the light panel – the photo shows oval lights.

Rear deck section added to the mini-deck.

A ramp storage module is an option that fits under the hitch and bridges between the two side boxes. The backs of the side boxes are cut out, and the cross-box bridges between the two side boxes. It is sealed, but would not be considered “watertight”.  It allows storage for two 12’x1’ smart car ramps (or equivalent). The cross box is powder-coated, and also lined with HDPE material both for protection and to make sliding ramps in and out very easy. A 30″ box is required to do this – so you have to allow enough room behind the rear axle in the planning stage.

Ramps store under hitch, and between boxes in a dedicated “tunnel”. Fully powder coated and lined with HDPE material.
On this tandem bed, the long box under the hitch stores ramps securely. We offer many types and styles of boxes to meet your storage needs. In this case, the customer chose to use his existing lights and not add a light panel module.

The modular bed can be as simple or as complex as you like. The bed shown in the video below is quite simple – it is just the top deck. We also added a class 5 receiver hitch to this deck, and of course, it has an ET hitch.

Side Boxes

The side boxes are manufactured boxes hung from the deck wherever there is space. The use of manufactured boxes cuts the costs a great deal. You can see an example in the picture below. In the photo, we cut the side fairing (step) to allow space for the box, and to dress it up – we retain the steps if they are present. The size of the boxes depends on the space available. In general, singled trucks can support more box storage than tandem trucks. The side boxes shown are powder coated black, with stainless steel doors. They are also available in powder-coated doors instead of stainless. The top deck modules always have box hanging structure built into them – so you can hang your own boxes at a later time if you don’t want them right away. All of our decks have tie-down locations for smart car chocks. The chocks themselves are part of a smart car package that is separately priced. We can also supply L track on top of any of the decks.

We can build custom boxes in any size and for any function. But adding custom boxes increases the price quite a bit, and runs counter to the goals for the modular bed. For special needs, we can do the custom boxes, but it should be avoided where possible. The manufactured boxes come in many sizes and meet most needs.

Modular bed with stainless-door boxes.

The truck above went into RV service with bare frame rails and a hitch. Later we added just the drom box. Eight months later we added the min-deck with no side boxes.  At an even later time we added the rear deck section, the lighting panel, the side boxes, the ramp storage, and the receiver hitch. You can build the truck out in phases to suit your needs.


We support any brand of 5th wheel hitch – ET, B&W, Comfort Ride, Trailer Saver, etc. We are dealers for ET, Comfort Ride, and B&W hitches and we can obtain any other hitch you want to use. Hitch placement is a critical element that interacts with the bed. We prefer to install hitches supplied by RVH but if you have a hitch in place already, that is fine.

There is also a receiver hitch option.  Shown below is a class 5 hitch. You can do class 5, class 4, or pintle hitches. The hitch is mounted directly to the frame; not to the body. We can also provide a gooseneck ball instead of a 5th wheel hitch, or integrate the ET suspension hitch “Farm and Ranch” version that incorporates a ball hitch along with the 5th wheel suspension hitch.

Class 5 receiver hitch, along with an ET suspension 5th wheel hitch.


The winch option places a receiver tube into the passenger side of the bed at a location suitable for winching a smart car, or other deck cargo. This can be used for winching any similarly sized item. We provide a two-piece winch arm with pulleys and a winch on it. We can also build a winch into the bed assuming there is no interference with the axle positions.

Smart car ramps, smart car ramp storage, chocks, tie-down straps, and L-track are also available options.


Lighting is either the present truck lighting, left attached to the truck with the deck above it, or it is the rear lighting plate module that is part of the system.

If using the present lighting, it may have to be brought up to DOT standards with proper side markers and reflectors. Each truck is a little different, and we can advise you on what needs to be done.

The rear light panel is a separate module – you can add just the (top) deck portion and retain the present commercial truck lighting if you want, or add the rear light panel to the deck. The center utility section contains the license plate, a video connector, and a trailer light connector. If desired, we can add gladhands.

Hitches with rear lighting module.

We fully loom the back of the lights, unlike most builders. We then install a “modesty panel” across the back of the lights to both protect them from road debris, and to clean up the look. This panel is easily removed if servicing of the lights is required.

Rear of the lights – loomed. This is then covered with a “modesty panel”, to further protect from damage.
The “modesty panel” is a protective cover of HDPE material that protects the lights, and improves the looks. We can also extend this light panel around to the boxes for a more integrated “look”. But since one of the goals of the modular system is to reduce costs, the additional work is something to consider.

All of our lighting is LED, and you can specify round lights if you wish – the standard lighting is 6” oval lights, as shown.

We offer additional lighting in the form of “chicken lights” (marker lights). You can see them on the mini-deck below. In this case, they are clear mini-lights (¾” LEDs) that light as amber. They can optionally flash for turn signals. On the truck below, we also added the chicken lights on the truck cab/fairings. Note that the drom box in the photo also has full function lighting on it – stop, turn, marker (plus center brake light).

Chicken lights on bed and on the truck. We also added the truck lights.
Note the massive number of chicken lights on this tandem modular bed – and they flash for turn signals. Our standard chicken light option places the lights 1′ apart.

Drom Box

Our standard drom box is steel and fully powder-coated black. On our premium beds we color match to the truck. On the modular bed we leave the box black, to better match the rest of the system.

With the modular bed, the drom is typically gloss black powder coat.

The drom is 7’ high, 6’ wide and 16” deep – it sits fairly even with the vertical cab fairings. There is space available for filling the fuel tanks. We use high-quality stainless hardware – there are three hinges and three latches on the two-door boxes (the large doors shown above).

Aluminum four-door version of the drom box, shown unpainted. Interior layout and size is the same as the standard steel box. Available in steel or aluminum. The steel is powder-coated; the aluminum can remain “raw” or painted to match the truck.

We also offer a four-door version, which has two hinges and one latch on the top doors (smaller doors) and three hinges and two latches on the lower doors (larger door).  Either can be used with the modular deck. The 4-door version can be steel powder-coated, or it can be in aluminum. All the stock drom boxes have the same exterior dimensions.

An option on all drom boxes is stop/turn/marker lighting at the top – which you see in the picture of the black steel box.

Shown below is a steel drom “in the raw”. You can see the shelf layout – the left side is designed for larger items – there are pass thru’s on the shelves to allow a 6’ step ladder to be carried. The right side has space at the bottom for 40lb propane bottles. The shelves are fixed, and part of the structure of the box.

On steel products, all surfaces of the drom are fully powder-coated black.

Drom box, unfinished. Note layout of shelves.

Truck  Electrical Center

We provide full electrical and power system modules for Truck/RV use. Our power center incorporates best-in-class components and is designed for your future needs and expansion. In the photo below you can see the power center with an optional 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger. If your truck has not been converted for RV use, you need at least a Jackalope for light conversion. We utilize a Jackalope as part of our broader electrical solution.

Getting this correct is key to future expansion, avoidance of faults within the truck system, and understanding the wiring. We mark everything and provide terminal strips and a load center for your future use as you add components. Most importantly we totally isolate anything we add from the truck electrical system.

Do not confuse our electrical implementations with typical cheap RV and truck center implementations. We use best-in-class components that we have proven in service, NEC and RVIA compliant wiring, and isolate things properly from your truck to minimize potential issues in the future. We properly size wiring and properly protect circuits.

RVH Electrical Center, shown with a pure sine wave inverter and inverter shutoff. This is available directly to DIY builders. completely prewired.

Components and Options

  • Mini-deck; 101”x110” with forward extension for drom box. Goes on tandem or single; any brand truck.
  • Rear deck section for mini-deck; Powder coated and bedlined.  Lighting as required based on present truck lights.
  • Full length deck; 101” wide. Sized for truck total length. Goes on tandem or single; any brand truck.
  • Side boxes; Front or Rear boxes, generally in pairs. Sized for your truck layout. Powder-coated; Stainless or black powder-coated doors. Manufactured in various sizes.
  • Drom box in steel or aluminum. 6’ wide, 7’ tall, 16” deep. Fixed shelving; two or four doors; high-quality stainless hardware. Black; fully powder coated inside and out if steel. Lighting is an option. Height can be reduced if desired. Can be color-matched to the truck as an option.
  • Ramp storage under the hitch. Either with or without side boxes where the cross box is integrated into the side boxes. Without the side boxes, there is a simple door on the ramp storage box.
  • Rear utility panel.
  • Hitches: 5th wheel hitches: ET, Comfort Ride, Trailer Saver, B&W;  Receiver hitches: Class 4 Class 5; Pintle hitches; Gooseneck hitch. With receiver hitches, we require the rear utility panel.
  • Rear lighting panel – this consists of the entire rear skirt, including the utility panel. No receiver hitch is included. Lights can be oval or round.
  • Smart car option – ramps, straps, hardware, high-quality powder coated chocks.
  • Winch option.
  • Tie-down option. Aluminum L-track placed where required and integrated with the deck. Steel E track is an option as well, but we prefer L-track. Best done during the deck build, but it can be added later.
  • Chicken lights. Clear or amber lenses, with amber/red lights as appropriate. We can also do chicken lights on the truck itself.
  • Electrical Center. If you do not presently have an RV-specific electrical center we can provide that.
  • High-quality fenders if you don’t have them or if you wish to upgrade.
  • Full-width mud flaps.

Everything above is available individually and is also able to be shipped if you want to put it together yourself. All hardware is Grade 8 (where appropriate), or stainless. All steel parts are powder coated black. Aluminum parts can be left raw, or painted, as appropriate.