HDT/MDT Replacement Pin Box For DRV’s

RVH Lifestyles has engineered a replacement pin box for use on DRV fifth wheels. This increases the pin weight on larger DRV’s and snugs the trailer further to the truck, reducing overall length. It helps significantly with the handling issues induced by light pin weights on larger DRV’s.

This pin box may replace any pin box currently on a DRV. It is designed to be used on HDT’s and MDT’s. It pulls the kingpin back to 63” from the front gooseneck (storage compartment) of the trailer. It retains use of the pin box rails from the original DRV hitch and replaces that pin box with a pin box that moves the kingpin more towards the rear of the trailer.  For additional information Click HERE.  Note that this does seem to work on other RVs that use the OEM 1621 and LDI L05 model pin boxes. But we cannot guarantee that. There is more information on the fit in the chart in the link above.


Drom Box

We build drom boxes for extra storage on your truck bed. Our standard drom box is designed to sit on the deck, and is six feet wide, seven feet tall, and 16″ deep (outside). It has two doors with three hinges and three latches per door. All hardware is high-quality stainless steel.

Drom’s are available with pass thru shelf cutouts for ladders and other tall items (painters poles, fishing rods, etc.). The shelf cutouts include a cover for use as a standard shelf. The shelves are fixed position, not adjustable, and are designed for Rubbermaid plastic bins (not included). The size also allows for milk crates to fit on the floor.

In the lower portion of the box, there are tie-down rails for securing cargo. The entire box is powder coated inside and out. Stock colors are no extra charge. Installation at our Kansas facility is included.

Options include:

  • Mounting understructure (if required). This varies based on the body design of your truck. For bodies that we design this is typically included.
  • Lighting across the top of the box – tied to bed lights – stop/marker/turn.
  • Interior lighting – LED strip lights with manual switch.
  • Shelf cutouts for longer items to “pass thru” the shelves. Covers included for when not in use.
  • Wet paint finish coat with clear-coat. Color matched to the truck. All droms have powder coat on them.
  • Solar panel (165 watts) angled on drom top (only available on Volvo 670 and 780 models, or any other full-height tractor). With a charge controller. Ties to starting battery bank to keep that bank charged.