Housing and RV Parking

One of the issues we face as fulltime RVer’s is where to stay when having service done. Often we can stay in our trailer, but sometimes that is not possible. Or, we may be in a service area without reasonable RV parking.

Campground RV Ports
RVH Headquarters property, with campground

We recognize that convenient housing is a general need of our customers. To make it easy for customers picking up projects, where you may be flying in, or for service work where you want good RV parking, we make housing available. This is consistent with our mission, which is to provide complete one-stop shopping for everything HDT-related. Having lived through the complexities of HDT ownership and servicing, our goal is to make things as easy as possible.

RVH Headquarters house

We have a three-bedroom house for use, as well as full hookup RV sites.  We presently have four full hookup 50 amp RV sites for customer use; this will expand to nine over time. Sites will be available first to customers picking up conversions, or having service work done. If not in use for pickup or service then friends, fellow HDTer’s and customers are able to use these sites. We welcome “stop-in’s” if you are traversing the area. But please let us know you are coming – since the campground may be full.

The house can be used for meeting out of town family – RVers may stay in the house with your party, or in the adjacent RV park.

You can find housing information at our sister website:


Aerial view before completed.