New Heavy Duty Haulers

  • We custom order new HDHs (Heavy Duty Haulers) specifically configured for the RV and recreational lifestyle. Our competitively priced new Volvo tractors can pull your RV, large horse trailer, or race trailer safely and efficiently. And it will last you your lifetime! We can build any size truck you need – from short daily drivers (about the size of a crew cab dually pickup), to large condo-sleepers that carry a smart car or other vehicle.
  • We have a direct relationship with Volvo engineering for proper configuration and management of new truck orders.
  • We understand the nuances of the order process and how that affects the final product. Commercial truck dealers are often not familiar with the specialized requirements of RV and recreational haulers. We have worked with our Alliance dealers to educate them on the specific needs of recreational haulers, and we work closely with them on all aspects of a truck order.
  • Our fleet pricing generally allows us to beat the price of a properly configured heavy duty recreational hauler when compared to a commercial truck dealer. Be sure you compare apples-to-apples when comparison shopping.
  • All of our trucks come with extensive driver and truck-systems training. You will not be left to your own “devices” when you purchase from us. We have years of training experience, and understand the needs of the recreational vehicle owner.

Used Heavy Duty Haulers

  • We specialize in providing recreational haulers based on high quality, clean, reliable, used Volvo tractors. After conversion, these vehicles are ideal for the recreational environment.
  • Low mileage: typically around 300,000 miles. We find low mileage, clean vehicles that are a perfect starting point for your hauler project. This can save you considerably over a new truck, IF the right truck is selected. There are many used trucks on the market – not many of those meet our standards. Our years of truck experience allow us to filter out the “keepers”.
  • ALL of our used haulers include a two year warranty on the engine, drivetrain, transmission, cooling system, pollution control system, etc. This helps ensure continued reliability and reduces your risk. This warranty is a nationwide third party warranty.
  • We usually have completely “built out” haulers available for immediate delivery. These vehicles have been well tested in our personal use, and typically have the latest innovations and accessories already installed.
  • We can find, inspect and sell you a low-mileage used tractor alone, or we can completely build it out to your needs. You do not have to use our additional services when purchasing a tractor from us. We can work with you to perform the work you do not wish to do, or to help guide you with the work that you want to perform yourself.

Our knowledge and experience can help you in making the right decision when considering the tradeoffs between purchasing a new or a used hauler. New haulers range in price from $125K to over $160K depending on the model and specs – and that is for just the basic truck (no bed on it). Used trucks range can range up into the same territory, depending on the body selected and other features – but the truck is complete. It can be hard to choose between the two, when looking at a long-term purchase.

On both new and used haulers, we meet insurance company requirements for “professional conversion”.  This can make it easier for you to find appropriate insurance, and give you more choices in insurance providers.


  • If you currently own an MDT or HDT and are looking to upgrade we will take trade-ins on selected vehicles. If you have a contemporary pickup we will also consider that in trade.
  • We will consider trade-in’s on some fifth wheel RV’s.

Consignment Sales and Repurchases

  • For our customers, we are willing to help you sell your heavy hauler. We will provide targeted advertising and marketing in exchange for a small commision.
  • On select vehicles we will repurchase the hauler back from you when you finish your travels.