We provide a wide variety of hauler bodies – from full fledged advanced bodies with exceptional storage – like our second generation body shown here – to simple flatbed bodies. And everything in between. If you can think it up, we can probably build it for you!

Our second generation body leads the industry in storage and function – and at a very competitive price.


  • Bed types:
    • New Gen 2 bed, with the integrated tail lights and massive custom storage
    • Classic bed, with the traditional oval tail lights and side box storage
    • Flat beds with no side storage, or with simple pre-built boxes
    • Modular “step deck” beds, with side storage
    • Classic or Gen 2 beds with a hydraulic loader
    • Short “daily driver” haulers allow you to use the truck for local transportation, instead of piggybacking a car.
    • Specialized commercial haulers for all kinds of “non-standard” load applications.
  • We will build on your vehicle, or in the future a hauler we provide (new or used).
  • Competitively priced. Our base-model hauler bodies are priced below the competition, yet provide more features and function.
  • Our second generation hauler bodies provide the most advanced-concept body in the recreational heavy truck market. Photo Album.
  • The most storage. We “live the lifestyle” and know that space is a premium commodity. No other provider matches our space utilization and design.
  • Advanced design elements. Rolled bed edges; integrated steps; slide out storage box trays; wet bays, etc.
  • The best corrosion resistance – full powder coating of the hauler body minimizes corrosion. Conventional (wet) paint for the final coating in visible areas provides exceptional color matching to your truck.
  • Three ramp storage areas are standard and are cross-body (accessible from either side); up to five ramp storage bays as an option.
  • New and improved chock system that accommodates smart car 451, 453, ATV’s and trikes.
  • We provide the best hitch systems on the market, properly matched to your towing needs. We can supply any hitch you desire, but we specialize in Comfort Ride hitches.
  • If you are not looking for a full-blown hauler body, we can provide a simpler body at a reduced cost.
  • We also build the “classic” hauler body with the oval lights in the tail, if that is your preferred “look”.

Additional hauler body options can be found HERE.

As an example of the most complex bed we build take a look at our Phoenix Hydraulic Loader. This loader can be integrated into our Gen 2 Bed, or into our Classic Bed.  This loader is unique in the industry – there are no others like it.